C43 AMG for the US Market

Wednesday, April 22, 1998:
Mercedes unveils latest in Super Sedan line

PRESS RELEASE: Montvale, NJ - Mercedes-Benz dealers across the U.S. have begun taking delivery of the new C43 supersedan, a limited-production V8-powered version of its popular C-Class sedan. The new C43 is modified by AMG, Germany's top automotive customizer and race 'tuner,' who has been partnered with Mercedes-Benz for decades.

Only 1,500 of these ultra-performance cars will be imported to the U.S. over a three-year period. Priced at $52,750, the mid-size C43 features a modified version of the new-generation V8 engine from the full-size E430 sedan. With higher-lift modular camshafts and a freer-flowing intake and exhaust system, horsepower is boosted to 302 (up 10 percent over the standard 275 hp figure) for superb overall performance, including 0-60 mph acceleration of 5.9 seconds.

Thursday, December 30, 1999
Mercedes-Benz Bids Farewell to C43 AMG; Super Sedan Ends Three-Year Production Run in 2000

PRESS RELEASE: MONTVALE, NJ - What began in 1998 as a very exclusive, high-performance C-Class sedan has come to an end this model year. The Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG -- the second of Mercedes-Benz' extreme performance automobiles offered in the U.S. -- closes out its production cycle after three model years and 1,400 examples of the well-rounded enthusiast's sedan.

"The C43 AMG marked the start of a wave of extreme performance automobiles we plan to offer American clients," notes Robert Allan, Mercedes-Benz USA AMG / designo / Special Vehicles Product Manager. "This was the first compact car with our new-generation, three-valve/twin-spark V8. At 302 horsepower, it offered very high power output, and our clients took that element very close to their hearts. In fact, the AMG-modified engine was what owners loved the most, since it combined that high performance with the expected refinement of a Mercedes-Benz."

Indeed, powerful engines are just one element of any Mercedes-AMG automobile. There are six specific themes to every AMG product: handling ability, braking, acceleration, luxury, exclusivity and practicality. All are equally important, but perhaps the latter is most significant. Mercedes-AMG cars make no special demands of owners, and require no special concessions as a result of their high-performance capabilities. In addition, every Mercedes-AMG displays understated, yet athletic styling enhancements. The town of Affalterbach, just outside Stuttgart, is home to the Mercedes-AMG facility. Engines are hand-assembled on-site and partial construction of whole AMG models takes place with a workforce of about 400.

The Mercedes-AMG partnership officially started with the C36 AMG sedan for 1995, which offered 268 horsepower from a 3.6-liter six-cylinder engine, and has grown to encompass three models for the U.S. market - C43, E55 and ML55 AMG.


1998 - 579 units
1999 - 546 units
2000 - 22 or maybe 25 units

Total C43s for the US Market = 1147 units

*Updated information on model year 2000 production...It was recently reported that there were actually (25) model year 2000 C43 vehicles imported to the USA

Year 2000 - number of units & colors

(1) Burgundy
(4) Obsidian Black
(6) White
(7) Black
(7) Silver

Year 2000 - interiors

(1) equipped with blue/black two-tone leather (silver car)
(10) equipped with black leather
(14) equipped with silver/black two-tone leather

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